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Nurseries and primary schools in Beckenham

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lucy2066 Mon 29-Apr-13 10:29:18

We are moving to Beckenham around August/September and I would really appreciate any recommendations for nurseries / primary schools. My daughter will not start primary school until Sept 2014, so we have time to find a house in a suitable catchment area, but will need a full day nursery place in the meantime.

I thought the following looked good, but would love to hear from parents with children here:

Nurseries:- Ladybird, Funshine, Teddies or Les Infants

Schools:- Alexandra Infants, Balgowan, Clare House.

Any thoughts much appreciated - thanks!

Ginnowplease Sat 25-May-13 22:30:30

Have you thought of chikdminders?

Pm me if you are thinking of Balgowan.

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