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Moving to Kingston upon thames...

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sinulienka Tue 23-Apr-13 19:09:36

I live in Guildford and I'm in year 9 at the moment but I hate my school and would like to make a new start in a new school for my gcse's. I have a choice of moving to Kingston (surbiton, New Malden etc.) if I would get into a good state school. But I have only 2 months left so it would be quite a rush to move but I think that it would be possible, however most of the schools there are oversubscribed eg. Coombe girls, Tolworth girls... so I'm worried that if we move there I wouldn't get into my preferred schools and I would either have to wait on the waiting list for ages (I don't want to miss any school since it's gcses which are really important) or I would have to go to a rubbish school that's even worse than mine at the moment... Should I take the risk and move? I really want to, I think about this everyday and get really depressed sad

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