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Looking for a good prep school and area to live near Newbury...

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reevettesmum Mon 22-Apr-13 13:01:48


My DH is hoping to secure a new job in Swindon confused and we will need to re-locate from Surrey. I'm just starting to look at independent prep schools and good areas to live. We have 2 DD's aged 8 and 4.

I'm considering Newbury area as this has good links back to London if future jobs take us back there and is also equidistant for our relatives (I also need to travel to London once a week).

Some of the areas I've looked at include Woolton Hill, Ball Hill, Speen, Headley, Highclere, Kintbury, and schools so far are Cheam and Marlston. (Prefer co-ed and prep up to age 13). Have about £600k to spend but would prefer a village location, minimum 4 beds.

Any thoughts/comments/tips would be fantastic........especially on schools.


Valdeeves Wed 08-May-13 04:18:49

All of those areas are nice - as you don't need to worry about school catchment! Is there anything else you need?
Do you have boys or girls?

Valdeeves Wed 08-May-13 04:20:59

Ah sorry I see - girls!

I have heard great things about Home Farm, Elstree, Downe House, Cold Ash and Thornbury.

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