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The best things about York

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SunshineOutdoors Mon 22-Apr-13 10:38:42

Live about 15 miles away now, have had an offer accepted on a house in York and hope to be in by the summer. Close to Rowntree Park and the racecourse. I can't wait!

Just wanted to hear from people in York.... what are your favourite things about living here? What do you like to do? What would you recommend new residents and visitors see and do? Looking for the obvious touristy things and the hidden gems you only get to know about once you been there a while....


citycentredweller Tue 23-Apr-13 13:44:16

I moved here last summer and love it, mainly because the people have been so friendly and I've almost instantly made friends.

I started writing a blog when I moved here. Some of it is just my normal ramblings about life with kids but I do cover some of the places we go to, shops, restaurants etc. So you might find it useful

Hope all goes well with the move!

SunshineOutdoors Tue 23-Apr-13 14:17:04

Ooh thank you, I'll take a look smile

SunshineOutdoors Tue 23-Apr-13 14:22:11

Just had a quick look as on my way out soon. Looks great, I'll definitely be looking at it some more. I've been to that cake shop on bootham - we nearly bought a house very close by. Had a delicious treacle tart and the owners seemed really friendly. I love the reading cafe at Rowntree Park too.

Ginismyfriend Tue 23-Apr-13 14:36:55

Loads! Particularly how much there is to do for free - lots of museums if you have a York card, the NRM, etc etc. Near you there's the Pig & Pastry and the Sicilian cafe on Bishy road. Askham Bog and Goddards Gardens are great for a sunny afternoon.

I love the blog. Will be a regular reader now.

SunshineOutdoors Tue 23-Apr-13 18:30:47

Oooh yes I know the pig and pastry very well already! Yum!

Andasliceofcakeplease Tue 23-Apr-13 22:50:38

Was going to say Pig and Pastry as well. I'll now always wonder if there is a fellow mumsnetter in there now.

Andasliceofcakeplease Tue 23-Apr-13 22:52:51

Also walking by the river and Askham Bog, the Happy Camper by the river in Bishopthorpe and feeding the ducks there.

SunshineOutdoors Wed 24-Apr-13 08:00:58

Is a go on the big wheel worth it? I want to do one of the red boat trips too. Probably quite touristy for a resident but I don't care grin

SunshineOutdoors Wed 24-Apr-13 08:01:52

And Askham bog is the nature reserve near the A64? Always see cars parked there, will check it out soon.

citycentredweller Wed 24-Apr-13 09:03:08

Gosh I'd never heard of Askham Bog so I will check it out too. And def worth doing both the big boat tour and the little red boats at least once!

There is also a really good cycle from the racecourse following the Selby route that goes past the solar system (planets from the solar system) which is fun. You can end up in Naburn for a pub lunch next to the river. Nice day out

Andasliceofcakeplease Thu 25-Apr-13 00:01:10

Askham Bog is by the A64 - it is a boardwalk so good for those with buggies to push but great for those who want to explore more as well. We also like the Moorlands site near Skelton for a wander - it is great in the spring when the rhododendrons are in bloom.
The boat trips are often free in residents weekend - but it can be chilly then.

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