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After school clubs/childcare covering Marshgate Primary?

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Westy5 Sat 20-Apr-13 23:15:35

Wondered if anyone knew of any after school clubs that cover Marshgate Primary? I thought I was being really smart by turning up in person at 8:30am on the day the school places were announced to sign up for the after school club at Marshgate. But it turns out there are only around 24 places for the whole school and they are all taken!

All the other clubs I've come across don't pick up from Marshgate. But surely there must be some provision for working mums at this school?? What does everyone else do? I am using a great childminder at the moment, but I feel the environment that childminders can provide is really more suited to younger children.

Obviously I should have researched the after school club in more detail before choosing Marshgate, but I feel all my well-laid plans have been scuppered by the lack of after school provision...

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