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Flooding in Teddington

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Rpeters949 Sat 20-Apr-13 07:49:17

I am considering moving to Teddington.
The property is just off of Broom Road, which is very close to the river.
I am however quite concerned about possible flooding. This has come up as a 'flood risk' in the environmental survey which has been retuned.
Can anyone shed any light on this or previous incidents of flooding that they are aware of. Any local knowledge or information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Tee2072 Sat 20-Apr-13 08:00:40

I've asked MNHQ to move your post as you won't get many responses on this here in Bloggers. grin

RebeccaMN Sat 20-Apr-13 21:06:55

Hi there,

We've moved this thread over to Richmond-upon-Thames now.

BayJay2 Sun 21-Apr-13 09:25:12

Hi Rpeters949. If you look at our local newspaper website and search on 'Teddington flood', you'll see lots of stories about flood warnings in Teddington. I went back as far as 2003 and didn't see any stories of actual flooding. I think that happens more often further upstream.

Teddington is the limit of the tidal Thames, so some streets may be vulnerable to tidal surges (I'm in Twickenham, where we get a bit of flooding near the river, but I don't know about Teddington). Above Teddington Lock the river is non-tidal, so there the flooding is due to heavy rain further upstream. Presumably someone is responsible for controlling the flow of water through the lock, and so can control the degree of flooding on either side to some degree, but I've no idea what governs those decisions.

Richmond council has flood risk assessments on its website (try googling Teddington flood risk), but presumably they come from the environment agency, so I don't know if they'll give you any more info than you already have.

Ringogo Sun 21-Apr-13 10:20:31

I've lived in this area for more than ten years, and I've never known anyone to be flooded or even get close to it. It's not something I worry about, and my home insurance isn't excessive - so presumably the insurance companies aren't particularly concerned either!

The risk will depend a bit on where off Broom Road you are looking. I know that places like Trowlock Avenue and Melbourne Road are particularly low lying so at significantly higher risk than the river roads (Holmesdale, Munster etc).

As it's along a very densely populated stretch of the river that includes Kingston town centre there are good defences in place.

KatherineH66HiImNew Sun 21-Apr-13 13:26:07

Teddington did get flooded about 6 years ago, couldn't find a proper news story on it but there is this. Am also in twickers so wasn't directly affected and can't remember many deets I'm afraid.

Ringogo Sun 21-Apr-13 19:10:37

Katherine - that wasn't caused by the river bursting its banks though. It was a problem with the drains not keeping up with heavy rainfall. The Causeway is no where near the Thames floodplains along Broom Road that the op is enquiring about.

KatherineH66HiImNew Sun 21-Apr-13 19:19:27

Oops sorry...

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