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Christchurch primary school Surbiton

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Sybilunrest Fri 19-Apr-13 21:49:01

Hi all
I just wondered if anyone had experience of this school. Dd has a place there got September. It was one of our choices because I really liked it when we visited and I had heard good things on the grapevine.
But we put it lowish because I was a little concerned it's a bit far. Will be a 20-25 min walk and I worry that's too long. Also dd will be quite little for her year and I wasn't sure how easy it would be to fit in to a comparatively larger school. I don't know anyone that actually has kids there which is why I'm appealing to you guys!
We're quite high on the waiting list for 2 others... Should I just be happy and relieved to have this place and get on with it?
Thanks in advance

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