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St Michaels School - St Albans - Any Feedback?

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Ellewood Fri 19-Apr-13 18:26:54

Hello there

Does anyone have any feedback/experience with St Michaels primary school in St Albans? The area where it is located and school itself looks just lovely but they mix year groups which means my 4 year old (August child) would stay with the reception class when she's in year 1, along with 6 of the other youngest year 1 members. She's a tall girl - about the same size and build as most 6 year olds - so this worries me enormously - not just for educational reasons but also self image - she'd likely be a giant amongst the rest of the kids.

Any insight/feedback would be a huge help as we are really struggling with this one!

Thanks so much

Eliza2little Tue 23-Apr-13 12:15:12

Hi there. My children have just started the school (yesterday) so I will let you know! We've moved to the area so I don't know much about it yet. The school seems very nice and teaching of a high quality. My son has an August birthday and is in a class with year 2 and year 1 (he is in year 2). It is something I was a little sceptical about, especially since he has just left an outstanding school and was very much achieving at the top of his year group there. What it does mean though is that he will no longer be the youngest in his class for once! Unlike your daughter, my son is small. Looking around the whole class, he still appeared average size to small, so it may not be an issue but I can understand your concern. If first impressions are anything to go by, honestly, they seem to manage the mixed year groups very well and I think my son will be fine. He certainly enjoyed his first day and went in this morning chatty and beaming. Don't know why I was so worried! Good luck.

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