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School admission results - happy or not?

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JonquilleTW Fri 19-Apr-13 17:09:12

We all gout our results this Wednesday by e-mail (thank God LBRUT is in 21st century and do it the modern way) and on Thursday the 18th of April by post.
On Wednesday I was on LBRUT website from 5 p.m. and I could not login for two hours (may be all fellow parents trying to see if what school they got) and I could only login at 7 p.m. These were the longest two hours in my life. My heart was not beating that fast and my breath stuck in my throat during my labour! Once logged in PHEW.... first choice school smile
Such a relief, it makes it all worth the wait.

I got an e-mail from admissions 15 minutes later though stating that my child got our 1st preference school smile Thanks for that too.

I went and updated the FB status (oh the social media) only to find out that not all the councils are doing it 21st century way and people are still waiting. And some of my friends were really gutted, as they didn't get any of the schools they applied for.

What are your feeling? Are you happy? Did you get the place you wanted? I just wanted to know how many of us got the place. So far I know only one parent who didn't get the reception class place at all.

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