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Getting places at primary and secondary schools in Edinburgh. Advice.

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oddnyvala Thu 18-Apr-13 16:31:23

I know this is one more thread about schools in Edinburgh, but we are moving to Edinburgh this autumn for academic purposes. We have found a place by the meadows to live as I do not want to commute from further afield. I know that the public transport system is good and cheap, its just that I hate wasting time on buses or trains.

I will need a place in P4 and in S1 for my kids, but after having phoned the primary schools and secondary in the area (Preston Street, Sciennes, James Gillespie (both primary and secondary), Bruntsfield, South Morningside, Boroughmuir) and finding out that they are full with long waiting lists, what do you recommend? That I look further afield (I don't have a car) or just hope that a place miraculously appears in one of the above mentioned schools?

GrooveeCar Thu 18-Apr-13 16:38:51

My first port of all would be Placement Services at the council. They will be busy just now because the out of catchment letters are going out and they will have parents who haven't got in to their school of choice.

But they would be able to see where there was a place available. Tollcross Primary will possibly has space after the summer as the Gaelic side of the school will be moving to their own school in Leith. Not sure about High Schools as I don't know that side of town very well.

oddnyvala Thu 18-Apr-13 18:25:00

Thanks for that. I think I will give them a call after the weekend to see what they have to say. I have been told that I can get a space at Craiglockhart and I might talk to Tollcross. In regards to Secondary, it is a bit worrysome if they do not have any places, as getting my daughter to a secondary further afield will be an issue.

Catherinaathome Sat 20-Apr-13 18:30:49

Living in the catchment area should move you up the waiting list A LOT. Talk to placement services, they should be able to explain the situation to you and help.

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