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Moving to chesham ..please help

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Arendsmummy Wed 17-Apr-13 18:26:31

Hi all were moving to chesham around Beechcroft road area . Could anyone give bit of info as to what this area is like i was all up for moving till i just saw about a guy stabbed someone in the face made me feel sick and now feel but unsure about moving.
Also would like to know best nursery as my son is 2 so will be going shortly anyone recommend doctors/dentists ? As we are not from chesham have only been there twice any info would help thanks ,

SquirrelPetronus Thu 18-Apr-13 14:06:24

Hi there,
I live down Waterside (SE side of Chesham) and love it here - a friend lives on Chartridge Lane and it's absolutely not somewhere I'd worry about being stabbed/mugged! Lots of lovely houses and a family area.
I'm not at all keen on the northern section of Chesham, but that's way further up than Beechcroft.

I do really like it here - perhaps you need to come back and spend a weekend walking the area to get to know it to ease your worries?

I really like St Mary's PreSchool, which is on the other side of Lowndes Park from you. DS will be starting there in Sept.

Watermeadow Surgery on Red Lion Street is good, can recommend it.

Hope all works out ok!

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