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Streatham Hill cleaner needed

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Coxlet Sun 14-Apr-13 17:38:26

Hi everyone

I'm going back to work full time so can anyone recommend a cleaner who would cover the Streatham Hill area please?

I've seen some older posts dating back to 2010 but nothing very recent so your input would be appreciated!



Sofia89 Wed 24-Apr-13 15:00:24

Hi Sarah,

I tried this new service that my sister's friend recommended to me. It's a service that seems to do everyhting but i just used it for home cleaning. I tried the one off home cleaning first to check I was happy with it and they came on Monday and were very good so I have just booked a regular service (which is cheaper too!). They seem very reliable and I was really impressed with the cleaner. The website is and the best bit about it was how easy it was to book on the website. I was at home for the first clean but won't be anymore and because I can already pay on the website, it means that I don't have to leave money at home for the cleaner or anything. Hope you find a cleaner on there!


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