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Beaconsfield/Amersham/Berkhamsted (or Ruislip?)

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edithrose Sun 14-Apr-13 09:57:59


I know there are a few threads like this but I'm getting stuck and need your help! DH and I are moving next month to this area as I commute to central London three days a week (nearest tube Holborn) and work from home the rest, and he has a new job in Amersham. Am 22 weeks pregnant with DD2 (DD1 is 2 in July), so will be on maternity leave from August to May/June next year.

We like the first three areas on this list. Berkhamsted seems to offer the most in terms of facilities within easy walking distance, and doesn't have the old town/new town split of the other two. But I think the commute for me would be a bit longer than from Beaconsfield. Is it true that kids from Berkhamsted can go to Chesham Grammar? (Thinking way ahead here!) Beaconsfield expensive but has two nurseries which do term-time only hours, which would be perfect for us as DH is a teacher, and saves thousands per year. Amersham nice too but I'm worried that the trains are a bit slow and cumbersome.

Which of these three areas would you move to and why?

Ruling out Chesham because it only has the tube and not the train.

Ruislip would actually be the most convenient location for me as I could get the central line straight to work. But it looks a bit boring compared to the other three - anyone know anything about this area?

Thank you!

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