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Chislehurst and Bickley can you enlighten me about secondary schools?

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MrsFogi Fri 12-Apr-13 14:33:49

It looks as though we'll be moving to Chislehurst/Bickley over summer. I've found researching primary schools on the internet fine but can anyone tell me where most children go to secondary schools? At this stage I'd like an idea on grammar, non-selective state and independent schools. In particular - which grammar schools' catchment areas cover Chislehurst/Bickley, are there any academic independent schools in the area or do children have to travel to eg JAGs?
All other info on secondary schools in the area gratefully received grin.
Also - is the area as bad as Tunbridge Wells/Sevenoaks for all the competitiveness around grammar schools (I'm dreading this aspect of moving to Kent).

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