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Considering joining the London exodus, to Hurspierpoint?!

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Higgywiggy Thu 11-Apr-13 21:19:23

Hello all!

As we get increasingly disillusioned at just how far our pennies will take us in London town, I'm considering jacking it all in for the countryside. Myself and DH are both from suburban Essex and not keen on returning there, we don't want a London satellite town. We currently live in a flat we love in a so-so area of north London we also love, but cannot afford to stay and get anywhere larger there or it seems ANYWHERE in London really.

DH works opposite Blackfriars station, so I've been looking on that London - Brighton line at various 'hoods and seem to be finding quite a few cute Victorian terraces around the £300-£350k mark that fit the bill nicely in Hurstpierpoint. That coupled with the fact today the English Art lecturer where I work suggested around that area as her sister had just moved to Hurstpierpoint and there seemed to be a nice mix of potentially artsy people (is my London hysterical paranoia of cultural vacuums becoming evident here?!) made me think - "Hey, yes, let's seriously consider this!!"

Oh - and forgot to mention, I'm 14 weeks pregnant, hence the need to move from our fabulous one bed (sad) relatively soon.

The negatives would be that we know NOONE. It would be completely starting anew. Am I looking at the bucolic lifestyle with rose tinted glasses and should just get over my snobbery and traipse, head hung low back to the Essex burbs? Or is Hurstpierpoint indeed a nirvana for a 30-something couple with a new baby?!

I like a good hyperbole, it's true - but any comments or advice more sensible people than I can give would be IMMENSELY appreciated!!!

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