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Nice areas to live around Bristol?

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movetobristol Thu 04-Apr-13 14:06:21

Hi -
We are moving to Bristol in a few months and I've read the threads on areas within the city. We will be working from home so are flexible on areas - Are there any nice areas worth taking a look at - not too far from the city but also maybe a little cheaper, less traffic etc. ? Thanks in advance!

QuietOldLadyWhisperingHush Fri 05-Apr-13 01:00:54

I would consider Fishponds, Bedminster or Horfield. I would avoid Eastville/Easton, Kingswood, and St Pauls.
I admit I lived in Bristol nearly 10 years ago, so my perceptions of local areas may be outdated now. Best of luck with the move!

yellowsun Fri 05-Apr-13 18:42:43

What's your budget and how many bedrooms do you need?

movetobristol Sat 06-Apr-13 08:22:09

Hi- we need 2 bedrooms ideally w/garden budget 1150 tops. Thanks!

blondiedoll Tue 09-Apr-13 20:37:28

What sort of area would you like to live? Bedminster is a bit boho, with smaller shops and a more community feel to the south of the city. Hanham/St George are more suburban with parks and more outdoor space to the east. To the North there is St Andrews/Henleaze/Westbury On Trym which are a little more upmarket, and to the West you have Tickenham/Long Ashton/Failand which again are upmarket with lots of woodland and outdoor space. I'm not sure you'd struggle much with a budget of £1150 for 2 bedrooms that seems very generous to me! I used to rent a 2 bed terrace with a garden in Hanham for £650 smile

brizol Wed 10-Apr-13 23:30:07

I would say on that budget you have a pretty good choice and could get something very nice
If you wanted luxury then at that budget you could get a 2 bed designer flat with double balconies on the waterfront in one of the posh developments ( no garden though) But you wouldn't need a car and its a pretty trendy place to live
Or personally i would go and live in Longfox Manor near Brislington which is only 10 mins or so drive into Bristol and use the tennis courts, swimming pool, and jacuzzi and gym My darling dh would be banished to the communal games room and would prop up the bar all day long and I would let the gardener look after the gardens for me at £850 a month for 2 beds i would be in Heaven

But back to the real world, Bedminster and Southville are nice areas especially North St and the Tobaco Factory area (although parking is a bitch) but plenty of local shops and you can walk into the city centre easily
Also Victoria Park near bedminster /totterdown is quite nice easy access to town /train station

Totterdown Central nice bit hippy chick ( i live there lol ) and lots of different houses /flats although the gardens can be small in some You have a lot of nice 3 -4 story old town house and its only a 10 mins easy walk to the train station at temple meads.

Stapleton, Frenchay Eastville Park & Snuff Mills are lovely areas as well plenty of open space, parks ( or there was last time i was out there with the dogs but with easy access to the M32 /M4 but sort of countryside village but not really ( iyswim)

Gloucester Rd Bishopton Horfield St Andrews are good areas as well with plenty independent shops bars restaurants There is a rather big prison in Bishopton but you wouldn't know its there unless you lived opposite it (lol)

Further out you have Emerson Green, Filton, Bradley Stoke, and Little Stoke, which all have good access to the M4/M32 and Parkway station

Then you have places like Long Ashton Portishead Failand and going further out again you have Clevedon Nailsea but thats more outside of bristol /somerset

Agree with other poster though avoid Easton, Not sure about Kingswood cant think of anything bad about it of the top of my head apart from Chaser Nightclub if its still their on the high st
St Pauls well, Its St Pauls, famous for lots of thing including the riots and the big street festival/carnival but that was a long time ago

baldwin4lyf Tue 07-May-13 10:52:21

I for one would heartily recommend the Stapleton Road area as an excellent place to start a family! Very reasonable house prices, good central location, and there's 24-hour spar halfway down.

If you ignore the crime stats (and you really should unless you're going to raise particularly impressionable children) its a great place to live and work!

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