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Are there any babysitting circles etc around?

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Carikube Thu 28-Mar-13 11:14:13

We moved to Nottingham about 18 months ago but don't have any family near by. I used to be a member of a babysitting circle where I used to live, but haven't come across one yet - most people I talk to have family near so don't need to use other babysitters. Does anyone know of one/is a member of one (particularly Sherwood/Mapperley Park area).

Failedspinster Mon 03-Nov-14 04:33:59

Hiya smile did you ever find a babysitting circle? I'm in Arnold and looking to join one myself smile

LocalEditorNottingham Wed 12-Nov-14 15:52:59

Hi Failedspinster,

I've tweeted your question a few times, will try a bit more. Do let us know if you find the answer.

Personally, I realise babysitting circles are one of those things in the 'commonplace part of my childhood but do they still exist?' category.

If they do (and they were certainly incredibly useful), I'd be delighted to help share info about them here. They could be listed in 'Babysitting' in the Childcare section (none there yet).

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