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Anyone near Skipton area? :)

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ChrissieInYorkshire Fri 22-Mar-13 16:32:29

Hello fellow mums!

Just wondering if anybody in or around Skipton fancies meeting up for coffee, mums group or walks.

I'm 40 and have a 15 mth old son. We moved to Skipton just after he was born. Prior to that we had lived overseas for 10 years. We aren't from Yorkshire originally, so I'm keen to meet new friends.

I have already met some lovely mums in the past year, but a couple of them have returned to full-time work, so it would be great to meet more. I am working part-time, just two days per week, so I generally have the odd day free to meet up.

Would be great to hear from anyone who is perhaps new to the area too or maybe just wants to expand their group of friends.


50shadesofbrown Thu 25-Apr-13 23:25:00

Hi I'm in Skipton. I work mornings at present, so am free most afternoons, also weekends depending on family stuff etc. If you're still interested we can maybe meet up sometime. I've got a DD who is 11.5 months. I don't know many other local mums with young children but there are loads about (I'm just chicken).

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