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Where to live near St. John's Primary for 250k (buy) or 1150 (rent)?

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makama Tue 19-Mar-13 22:07:19

I know there area lot of posts on where to live in Bristol (and I've tried to read most of them!) but I could use some help with our specific logistics if anyone is up for it :-)
I moved here with my family from California last fall for my husband's job at the U. of Bristol. We are in temp. faculty housing near campus in Kingsdown and because we moved so late we gratefully accepted a place for our 4.5 yr/old DD at St. John's Primary in Clifton, as it was the closest available and we liked the feeling there. But now we are stuck because we want to keep our DD there, but it is such a pricy area and we don't want to be driving there twice a day from elsewhere. We need to move this summer and have a budget of maximum 250k to buy (DH really wants to buy) or 1150 pounds/month to rent. We have a second DD (6 months) and could do a large 2 bedroom but ideally 3+ so family could stay with us when they visit from the States. We would also like to stick to one (or no) car, so public transit (train to Clifton Downs, bus line) or walking distance (20 min max) would be fairly essential. We'd like to have a garden if possible. We are foodies so would like to be near an organic market. We are not big shoppers though I like Glouchester Rd and Cotham Hill Rd and like the idea of having access to things like yoga studios/kiddie gym's in St. Paul's and Easton. We'd also like to be near a nice public park with play structures and a chance to meet other families. We visited friends near Victoria Park and liked it but there doesn't seem an easy way to St. John's in Clifton. Same goes for St. Werburghs/East Bristol, though I would love to hear otherwise. We are considering Shirehampton as the train seems like it could get us to Clifton and Gloucester Rd/St.Paul's/Easton if needed and the houses are a nice size. Are there any other areas that we could consider given these constraints/desires?
Thanks so much for any help!

Jeminbris Thu 21-Mar-13 11:10:49

Victoria Park is a 10 min walk to Temple Meads rail station and you can get a train to Clifton down from there so it is doable. Same goes for Totterdown.

Alternatively Easton is a cheap place to live and you could get the same train from Stapleton Road, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. You could also consider a place near Montpelier station although it's very studenty and you would struggle to buy there on your budget.

There is also a bus (54) that goes from knowle's Wells Road/Totterdown all the way up black boy hill.

You are asking quite a lot for your money so will probably need to compromise on a few things. Good luck!

makama Mon 25-Mar-13 21:38:01

Thank you for your response! I didn't know about the 54 bus so that is really helpful. We have a few more months so I'll try to visit all the neighborhoods before too long. If only it would warm up a bit!

MeeMeeMum Tue 26-Mar-13 16:16:18

makama, yes, can imagine that the weather might be a bit of a shock to the system after California... I'm not v pro driving in the City either, and have found that going across the city, rather than in and out of the centre is a bit of a nightmare. I've noticed that another bus company (Wessex, I think) have established a few more bus routes recently, all starting from UWE, and going down Gloucester Rd/over across the v top of Redland and to the U of B. Sure at least one goes via the Downs.

May make Horfield/Bishopston a bit more do-able if you can find the right house?

Do realise that I've probably just outed myself as some sort of bus-spotting weirdo.

Hope it goes well

makama Wed 03-Apr-13 20:51:56

Thanks! I've had trouble reading the internet bus maps so I appreciate your bus-spotting prowess!

It now occurs to me to take the time to look at the route of every bus that goes by Blackboy Hill to see where they go. I've been working the other way by choosing a neighborhood first, then trying to see if the buses go to Blackboy Hill, but there are a lot of neighborhoods to work through that way.

studentmidwifemum Tue 16-Apr-13 17:04:15

Do you drive? If so perhaps the Bishopston side of Horfield might work for you.

St Johns is great, 3 of my DC go there and we are really pleased with it.

34DD Sat 20-Apr-13 13:55:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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