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Commuting from Marlow/Henley area?

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Idontcarewhattheweathermansays Tue 19-Mar-13 08:50:04

Just wondering if anyone has any useful information on this.

We currently live in North London in the Muswell Hill area but had a (very wet!) day-trip in Henley this weekend and completely fell in love with it. I'd love to say we'd want to move somewhere not so lovely looking but where you get more for your money but I will admit we are complete suckers for nice architecture and lovely shops etc and I don't think we'll ever do differently.

The fact that we're currently in North London at the moment means that house-prices are somewhat comparable at least (I think!) but the main issue for us will be the commute for dh. He is a lawyer and uses Farringdon as the tube stop nearest his office.

The issues I can see are:
1. A realistic door-to-door commute will surely be quite long if he's also got to get across London to Farringdon.
2.From what I can see from a quick google, it sounds like the trains between Henley and London are the busiest in the country at rush-hour- would he actually be able to get on?
3. From what I can see, the last train home on a weekday is at 10.45pm...dh quite regularly goes through periods where he doesn't leave work til 11pm-midnight- there any other way to get home?

I would so like to be on the western side of London as my mum lives in Wiltshire and dh's parents are in South Wales and I would so so like to move somewhere to make the journey times shorter to both, but obviously the main issue is it still needs to be commutable for dh.

Dh's current idea is to get a motorbike and bike into London and back every day but this idea terrifies me.

I don't think we'd be completely set on being right in Henley-we need to explore surrounding areas really. Schools will be a big consideration for 14mo ds though and I was reading about how if you live just over the Bucks border then you can go in for the grammar school system which would be something to really consider. I think if you want to get the train from Marlow though that you have to change this right?

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any local/insider knowledge at all which might help me work out if this could be a reality. Or any other ideas for places to look at?

compleat Wed 27-Mar-13 21:18:16

I know that the train from Marlow is pretty rubbish! Once an hour and change at Bourne End and then Maidenhead to Paddington. My DF drives from Marlow to Beaconsfield (about 15/20 mins) and then gets the train in to Marlybone which is a much nicer line apparently!

compleat Wed 27-Mar-13 21:19:21


compleat Wed 27-Mar-13 21:21:12

Have you considered Beaconsfield? Have a look at the towns and villages on the Chiltern Line.

SuperGoddess Tue 09-Apr-13 20:33:33

Taplow and Burnham are good for rail links too, plus new cross rail being built (ready in 2017) will get you to The City in 40 mins and push up house prices (so good investment now)

Ilovekew Tue 09-Apr-13 21:28:50

If you catch the train from Henley you always get a seat unlike the people joining the train later in journey. So although its a busy line it is ok to use IYSWIM. The trains seem to be very reliable.

There a a few through trains in the morning and evening, you can have a look on the National Rail Website.

If your DH has to work later he could just drive to Twyford (20 mins drive) and take the train from there. There trains run well past midnight with the occasional train right through the night.

We love living in Henley, we only moved here a few years ago but have settled well. The local schools are good. It's hard to get into the grammar schools in Reading at the 11+ stage but it is not too hard to get into the William Borlaise Grammar school for sixth form admission. So the kids can either go private or to Gillotts for high school then switch to Grammar for Alevels. Most kids go to Gillotts for high school.

The Henley College (6 form College) is also a great option. One of my kids chose to go there even when he had a place at William Borlaise. The Henley College offers all sorts of FE courses including the International Baccalaureate

Henley is great for teens as there is a local cinema and swimming pool, there are plenty of sports teams etc and the kids can walk everywhere. Whenthey are a bit older it is easy for them to go to Reading.

I also love Marlow.

Good luck with your plans. Feel free to ask if you have anymore questions.

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