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Play groups and things to do for 15 month old in Teddington

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GandAV Mon 18-Mar-13 09:54:26

Hi I've not long moved to Teddington and wondered if other mums could advise me of local playgroups or activities for my 15 month old daughter and I, or any meet ups for mums and tots as I don't know anyone in the area so feel a bit lost?!

JonquilleTW Mon 25-Mar-13 18:49:53

Hello GandAV,

Welcome to the area. In fact there is a lot going on. Just pop into some playgroups and you will soon find some other mums with similar age little ones.

Here are some of them:

There were some many more. Remebered just these from top pf my head. Enjoy smile

Tozzle Mon 25-Mar-13 19:51:54

Op, there is a great - and vey friendly - drop in play group at Teddington Baptist Church (in Church Rd), 10am on Tues and Fri. You pretty well have to get there before/bang on time to get in. It is a £1 voluntary donation, including tea and biscuits etc.

Norman Jackson children's centre in Hampton Hill is also a great venue for various groups and source of info...

When LO is a bit older our favourite class (I think from 2y) now is Diddi Dance, at Salvation Army in Church Road, on Monday mornings.

Really hope you soon find some fun groups and mums x

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