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Any occasional childcare facilities in Bath?

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GrinningImp Sat 16-Mar-13 12:53:17

Hi! Advice needed!

Is there either (like in other cities) a playgroups in Bath where you can leave your child for a few hours, or any other kind of one-off childcare facility that anyone knows of?

My two year old has a brill childminder, but she's on holiday next week and a 2.5 hour client conference call has come up! I'd rather not say no to the work as I'm a freelance part-timer, so if anyone knows of anything that lets a cheery child play without his mum, I'd be grateful!


Charlotte55 Wed 10-Apr-13 16:18:05

Hi there,
When were you needing someone? I am a first year at norland college and may be able to help or find another student who is free?
If you think this maybe helpful then message me
Many thanks Charlotte

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