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opinions/feedback needed please!

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racwelsh Fri 15-Mar-13 15:08:21

Hi Everyone, just wondering if i could grab some opinions please regarding childrens parties.
we are an established not for profit company already who works in schools teaching children about their natural world and we provide the local community nature and gardening projects. we have some great testimonials and are looking for new ways to expand to reconnect children with nature.

We are just about to launch a nature party for Northampton area.
But are also looking at launching a budget party information pack for mums who want to do the party themselves, live out of Northampton area or on a budget.

the pack will contain a detailed information booklet of games, activities, guidance party plans with a unique nature twist and many other ideas to run a budget party. What price would people parents pay for this?
also we are looking to supply party invitations, thank you notes, party bags and cake slice boxes too. Again what prices are parents prepared to pay for these type of extra?

We thought parties would be great way of children having fun but gaining an understanding of the season they were born in.

we would really love some feedback on whether there is a market for this type of product (the budget information packs) and what sort of price a parent would pay for it?

please could you let me know your thoughts

Many Thanks

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