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Having a baby in Hammersmith & Fulham...what it's been like for me

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amyibeeson Thu 07-Mar-13 22:04:57

I'm currently writing about my experiences as a New Mum on my blog and being a West Ken girl I wonder how different the London experience is. How was it for you?

Here is something that effected my labour...parking charges:
"...My Mum isn’t there. She had to make a mad dash to top-up the parking as Queen’s Club Tennis is on and out of nowhere Hammersmith & Fulham Council have decided to charge Permit Holders for parking on the weekend after the tournament is finished as well as during the flipping thing. We’ve been in the hospital for three days and the pre-pay credits have run out and of course the telephone top-up system isn’t working. So, when My Mum returns to the delivery room having been gone less than an hour, when it was all looking a bit grim, things couldn’t be more different. My Mum is greeted by an ecstatic Cool Daddy with Baby Bu in his arms. I think she only manages to cry “Oh,” as she meets her granddaughter for the first time, “Oh…you clever girl, you clever, clever girl,” she tells me, clapping her hands with joy. She kisses me. I have done it – I Have Done It."...there's more.

I also had to walk around Chelsea & Westminster in first stage labour and had contractions on the street, in starbucks and I don't think anyone even noticed.

I won't post links to my blog unless asked, as I don't think you are allowed on Mumsnet.

Simzreid Sun 21-Jul-13 08:58:06

Very funny story- thanks. I am new to Mumsnet so not entirely familiar with the rules I originally signed up too. Keen to see you blog. I too plan to start blogging pre and post baby (depending on how I feel!)

Also, I can't see any meetups for our area? Am I missing something?

CupcakesAndFizz Thu 06-Nov-14 22:12:45

Know this is an old thread...but I'm looking too and can't find the meet up section (is there one?)!!

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