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how has Waldegrave catchment gone this year? Anyone got any news cos we are in desperate situation.

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minglemingle Tue 05-Mar-13 09:36:07

Could anyone tell me if they know of or are a family with a girl who has got in, how far out has it been this year? ??

I know it will vary next year but we are desperately trying to decide on moving or not moving ( from a house we love, after a few terrible years of serious possibly fatal illness in the family)

Finally got a calm year, want to chill and appreciate life again.... But link policy gone now for DD`s year and thinking poss we should move.

And it really depends on schools, but we are curretly right on edge of catchment area.

Have a really shy, very quiet DD who has gone through so much. So don't want her to be forced to go different school from all friends she knows-- they ALL live close enough OR don't want to up root her and move house as she`s had too much change. We moved around a lot previous to this house. Forced to by redundancies.

Arg! please anyone have some info to help us choose... Somehow choose. [Sad]

minglemingle Tue 05-Mar-13 09:36:51

Does anyone know when official stats on this years catchement area come out?

minglemingle Tue 05-Mar-13 09:37:37

Anyone else in similar boat; trying to decide what's best for their family??

minglemingle Tue 05-Mar-13 09:38:36

Anyone else in similar boat; trying to decide what's best for their family??

minglemingle Tue 05-Mar-13 09:39:02

Loops sorry pressed it twice!

NotatallSnootie Tue 05-Mar-13 13:57:26

Not sure if this is in the right direction to be of help to you, but I've heard of offers as far into Teddington as Cambridge Road, which last year would not have had a hope. We're Strawberry Hill, and didn't really doubt we'd be OK, but I've no idea about the opposite direction. Someone mentioned people being given St RR even though it wasn't on their list, but I'm not sure if that's true or not!

I think this was a particularly low birth rate year though.

It might be worth asking your DDs head teacher. I know some of them plot dots on the map when they start to hear what places their pupils have been offered.

Heathclif Tue 05-Mar-13 17:55:35

mingle Overall applications were down this year, both in terms of the number coming out of Primaries and the actual applications to Waldegrave so it appears that the catchment is a little larger, hearing of it reaching Cross Deep, though in past years it didn't even reach along Heath Road, ending Clifden / Sherland. The problem is that next year the cohort will increase again so it will more than likely shrink again. I assume you are looking at the Twickenham catchment not the Richmond.

It is true that parents who didn't get any of their preferences have been offered St RR, there was a thread on the Secondary Education topic posted by two people and more have obviously approached RISC and At least one of those offers was to someone nearer HA and TA than St RR so it would appear they are oversubscribed at this stage.

The Council will of course issue allocation maps but that will not be until the application process gets rolled out. Meanwhile watch the New Secondary Schools for Richmond thread on local talk, who can always be relied to carry out forensic analysis of all the information that emerges wink.

You could try ringing the Education office, they are generally very helpful, though may be a bit strung out just at the moment, I don't think all the parents are happy....... or submit a Freedom of Information Request?

noUggscuse Wed 06-Mar-13 12:51:28

Area A cut-off was 2253m

LProsser Thu 07-Mar-13 16:54:24

I've also heard of people unexpectedly getting into Waldegrave including more than usual from Sacred Heart in Teddington, although they may live in Hampton Hill area so quite close to Waldegrave. A friend with daughters at Gumley/St. James said that less people than usual were going to Waldegrave from her yr 6 daughter's year at St. James as some were going to Sir RR, though by no means all as many still opting for Gumley. So possibly if Sir RR is popular with St. James' children next year that will help you. Good luck.

Gegs74 Fri 08-Mar-13 10:25:30

Hi - we are in a similar position but with boys. Does anyone know the cut off for Orleans and Teddington schools yet this year?

BayJay2 Fri 15-Mar-13 20:58:46

"Does anyone know the cut off for Orleans and Teddington schools yet this year?"

Again, the official figures won't be published for a few weeks (and in any case, they'll move on once people move up waiting lists etc). However, I know of children at the wide end of the Green getting places at Orleans, if that helps. I've also heard anecdotally that the Teddington offers are reaching into Fulwell.

As Copthall said, though, next year's figures could be very different to this year's as the primary bulge is starting to come through the system. In 2014 there will be 144 more children transferring out of Year 7 than this year - which is the equivalent of a small Secondary. In subsequent years the numbers just go up and up. All those bulge classes that have been added in primaries in recent years are now working their way through.

I'm assuming you know about the Turing House School proposal, but if not, take a look. (Cue interest declaration: I'm one of the parents involved in organising that).

Gegs74 Sat 16-Mar-13 08:14:11

Thanks BayJay, that is very useful. I have been lurking on these local education threads but never posted, so am aware of Turing House and really hope it is approved.

Tozzle Mon 25-Mar-13 19:17:50

Up here are maps of all Richmond borough secondary school admissions - from what I see they are still showing 2012 admissions, but worth keeping a note of perhaps as previous poster suggested 2013 stats to be released soon, when I would presume these would be updated.

Am watching Turing school with interest as fellow Teddington mum. DD only 2 (second due 3wks) so trying not to get sucked into such worries. Quite a few people sold and moved from our road to river roads to be sure of Teddington school since link broken but this will never be an option for us!

JonquilleTW Mon 25-Mar-13 23:29:23

This is smth of interest to us as well. Does the statistics come out on April 18th as well?
I know dc is only 3 but planning ahead knowing nothing and learning how it all works would be useful.

Tozzle Tue 26-Mar-13 08:12:42

I am a muppet... Here is link promised in previous post to Ricmond council admissions maps:

As noted before, still need to be updated with 2013 admissions, but hopefully soon.

Tozzle Tue 26-Mar-13 08:21:38

BayJay - I've registered DD for Turing House. DH and I very keen on science & engineering focus - he is of science bent and fondly thinks his 2yo showing much promise in such problem solving aptitude (bless him!)
I wanted to say though that to the Q will you put Turing House as your number one choice I said "no" as it seemed so absolute when child is 2. If it had said "are you minded to" or something with a little space for consideration I would have said yes. Second Q obviously did that, but as pop up when I answered "no" requested a second chance I thought I'd add my feedback - somewhat indirectly on MN!
Really good luck - it's a fantastic project and I really hope it is a success...

BayJay2 Tue 26-Mar-13 12:53:00

Thanks Tozzle. The 'first choice' question is necessary because the DfE use it directly as a way of measuring demand for the school proposal.

We've added the second question to capture all the "Yes, but..." people too, because as you say, there are so many factors at play when you finally make the decision. Hopefully it's clear from the form that you're not making any commitment.

The DfE are well aware that the percentage of people who get their first choice in this borough are relatively low compared to the national average, so the numbers answering "yes" are only part of the decision-making process, and will be looked at in the context of the local situation.

Tozzle Tue 26-Mar-13 13:47:02

BayJay - shd have guessed was a bureaucratic question!

As I said, am thrilled. Wish I had skills to offer in support. I think my dad has been approached about being a governor in fact (he has been at several/many in past and although a former (retd) businessman is passionate about education.

I'll keep encouraging DD to blow on that harmonica ;)

BayJay2 Tue 26-Mar-13 14:17:37

"as it seemed so absolute when child is 2"
Tozzle, in case you haven't picked it up from the website, there is a possibility that Turing House may provide some primary places too, in which case you might be making the decision a little sooner.

Tozzle Tue 26-Mar-13 19:35:11

I did see that but wasn't sure on timing. I have a bit of a problem as our much loved CM who has cared for DD since 10mo only does drop off and pick up at SMSP. If we don't get a place we might have to remortgage and pay her to change schools ;)
Will def keep an eye out when we apply next year.
V v good luck

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