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Coffee/ Playdates around N14 Southgate

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Minimimimi Tue 05-Mar-13 04:08:26

We have recently moved to Southgate and I'm keen to meet other mums and babes within the area.
I have a 3 week old newborn and a 18 month toddler.
Would love to meet for coffees/ play dates.

GoSarries Tue 05-Mar-13 04:35:32

Hi mimi welcome to Southgate smile

I have a 2.5yo and a nearly 10 month old (who is currently not sleeping!)

Whereabouts in Southgate are you?

Minimimimi Tue 05-Mar-13 10:14:34

Hi GoSarries,

My newborn is NOT sleeping too.
She just wants to be held constantly and my arm is on its breaking points. Elizabeth Pantley has a book which I found useful for my first little one- check it out. (I can't wait for the day when I have a good night sleep and no more nappy changing.....!)

We're off chase side, a few minutes walk from Asda. Where are you based? Need to start looking for a good dr surgery... What joy.

GoSarries Tue 05-Mar-13 13:30:52

Yes I have the Pantley book, although I am too tired/lazy to do her methods so bed-sharing it is! grin

I'm at the top end of Chase Side, near Cat Hill roundabout - just near the little park/rugby pitch. The Chicken Shed theatre is there too, it has a decent cafe which we often visit after a quick go on the swings, as my DD for some reason loves going and having a carton of apple juice confused smile

My Dr's is up near here on Chase Side too, if it helps, Southgate Surgery it's called. It's decent enough.

How are you getting on with your newborn? Is your toddler at home with you too?

Minimimimi Wed 06-Mar-13 05:30:57

I'm co-sleeping with my little one too! It's far too exhausting any other option.

I've read about the chicken shed theatre- looks fun and will most certainly visit some time.

Thanks for your details on the Dr surgery. Ill check it out. What's their same day care like? Can the kids be seen on the day, if they become poorly?

Yes- toddler at home with us. Total failure managing both and have resorted to an increased tv quota to gain sanity. Exceptionally difficult during the afternoon naps when they wake each other up and it becomes a vicious cycle. When did it become easier for you?

GoSarries Wed 06-Mar-13 16:52:30

Ah sympathies with the logistics of naps etc with 2 DC, it's tricky isn't it. By some sheer miracle DS fell into a natural routine of wanting to sleep around the same time as his sister at saved my sanity tbh. Now DD is starting to refuse her nap so I'll have to start doing things with her again wink

The Doc has managed to see my DC the same day if I call when they open at 8am, I think they're quite child friendly even if the receptionists can be a bit short at times.

Do you have any groups/classes planned with your DC?

Now back to my chocolate fix... grin

Minimimimi Thu 07-Mar-13 13:07:23

Chocolates! Yum. I've not had chocolate and dairy for two days, in the hope that my colicky newborn will be more settled and sleep better. It's the third day today and I think I may as well accept that I'm destined to have sleepless nights.... Hello chocolates....

Great that you were able to be seen on the same day for your DC at the surgery. Ill definitely give them a call today.

We've not started any play groups/classes in the area yet. Havent moved everything to our new house, so we're still at our old place at the moment and commuting between the two places. Heading to southgate this weekend again.

Look forward attending the groups. Any good suggestions? We went out quite a bit with my oldest. We had a local baby cinema, bookstart sessions, language classes and sing songs. I evasion that it will be much more difficult taking both out together now- especially with a little madam where her favourite hobby is cry.

GoSarries Thu 07-Mar-13 14:09:36

Have you tried her in a sling? I put DS in my Connecta every day for the first 6 months, it made getting out & about much easier and of course helped with crying & fussiness.
Local to you might be Hampden Way children's centre - they do lots of activities & groups, as well as in other venues round here. I'm going to try stay & play at St Margaret's children's centre in East Barnet, which is also a nursery school (we're on the waiting list for DD in September!).
There's Southgate Leisure Centre down the road too, they have a pool, gym etc but also a crèche smile We do Sing & Sign too.

Good luck moving your stuff, I bet you'll be so relieved when it's all done. Especially with young DC must be so hard.

Minimimimi Sun 10-Mar-13 06:37:45

Yeh- I've tried the baby Bjorn carrier, karrime and most recently purchased the babasling which has all been a waste. Sigh. Think I just have to continue trying until she gets used to them.

Yes- cant wait until when everything is moved and settled. I just hope that our DS doesn't take too long to adjust to our new house.

Thanks for the playgroup details. Ill send you a PM once I'm settled and in the area and perhaps we can meet at one of the playgroups.

Happy Mother's Day!

Zeka Mon 18-Mar-13 14:47:38

Hi Minimimimi and GoSarries, I live not far from you both. I'm just off Chase Side not far past Osidge Primary School and Ashmole Secondary. I have a DS who is 2yo next month and am expecting my second boy in June. I'm working full time until the baby arrives so can't make baby classes at the moment - I'm looking forward to getting back into them when DS2 arrives smile
There's a playgroup at St Andrew's Church Hall on Friday mornings that my son goes to (pretty cheap). I's also like to try Diddidance there at some point if it's still running. We've enjoyed lots of classes in Palmers Green - particularly Tiny Talk (Signing) on Green Lanes and others held at Baskervilles Tea Shop opposite the park. Southgate Library has a singalong class as does the Hampdon Sure Start Centre mentioned.

Re Southgate Pool, how is it for little ones as with only a big pool I'm a bit worried it'll be too cold/overwhelming for DS1? I read they've refurbed the changing facilities, so I hope this makes it easier with a LO.

Hope your LOs are sleeping today - I can't imagine how tricky that one is going to be when the time comes confused

Zeka x

Minimimimi Tue 19-Mar-13 06:13:21

Hi Zeka!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. We look forward to you joining the classes when DS2 arrives. Not long to go grin

Personally for me, having two has been double trouble and by far much more challenging than when it was only DS1. It probably doesn't help that my DD is an absolute cry baby.

I've not checked the southgate swimming pool, but have placed myself on the waiting list at Aquababies. DS1 attended this swim school when he was a few months old. I was pleased to learn that they also have branches in north London (st johns, frien Barnet and also Finchely) their facilities offers a hrdrothereapy cool with temperatures of 30c. Its just like having a long extended for them.

We're moving this weekend!
not looking forward to the chaos of the move- but cant wait to be in N14 smile

Icklemariposa01 Sat 20-Apr-13 08:49:27


Are you ladies planning to meet up. I have a 9 week old and would love to meet other mummys in the N14 area brewbrewbrew

Minimimimi Sun 21-Apr-13 04:48:17

Hi Icklemari!

My daughter is a week older than your little one.

I'm just recovering from my second round of mastitis- damn its painful. How does late next week sound (gives me some recovery time), coffee on the high st.?

Icklemariposa01 Sun 21-Apr-13 20:46:18

Hey minimi!

Yes. Indeed! I have had that a few times too. Cor yes. Tears inducing pain sometimes!

Sounds good to me! Thursday or Friday I can do grin

GoSarries Mon 22-Apr-13 10:41:13

Hi Minimi and hello Icklemari smile

We seem to have had not much free time recently, we're just about to start settling both DC at a new childminder so that will take up 2 days smile and sad though!

If you're meeting on Thursday or Friday, I can do afternoons. I can't remember the last time I had a nice cup of tea in a cafe... grin

Minimimimi Tue 23-Apr-13 03:01:56

Hi Icklemari and GoSarries,

How does Thursday afternoon at around 1.30pm sound?
I was going to suggest H&H, but perhaps you ladies have better ideas on other places which could accommodate 3 buggies? I'm easy.

GoSarries- Good luck with the new childminder. smile

Icklemariposa01 Thu 25-Apr-13 09:01:15

Just seen this!!

H&H sounds good to me.

Minimimimi Thu 25-Apr-13 11:08:31

Fab- see you this afternoon.

I have a blue bugaboo bee.

Icklemariposa01 Thu 25-Apr-13 11:38:10

I feel I should be carrying a carnation and a newspaper!!

I have a black bugaboo beegringrin

Minimimimi Thu 25-Apr-13 12:23:13

Ha ha ha wink

GoSarries Thu 25-Apr-13 13:58:12

Oh sorry missed this sad Both my DC sleep from 1.30-3pm (well, they should, but DC2 is teething like a nightmare sad)

If ever you're around later in the afternoon we'd be happy to come along smile

Icklemariposa01 Tue 07-May-13 21:59:25

Hello GoSarries. Sorry we missed you the other week.

We have just moved to our house so at the mo just trying to settle in my LO.

Dunno if you know but there is a mini festi it seems at Gladstone park 18th and 19th!

leilypops Thu 15-Aug-13 18:50:59

A bit late to the thread, but wondering if I could join you for a meet up! I've just moved to Southgate as well, and was hoping to meet some local mums. I have a 20 month old, and I currently take her to a few groups around North London, we moved from Muswell Hill so I end up back there or Crouch End a lot, but I'm really keen to find some more local things to do! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Minimimimi Thu 22-Aug-13 16:14:33

Of course Leilypops.
We're busy next week, but how does the first week of September sound?

LeylaAlara Thu 05-Sep-13 12:10:49

Hello ladies! I was searching for Southgate play dates and found this thread - can I join in with my little one? She is 14 months old and we live between Southgate and Oakwood tube stations (on that long stretch of road in between)
I've joined some classes but they are all morning times - and we have nothing to do in the afternoon and getting a bit claustrophobic at home smile
We're off on holidays for a week next week - would be lovely to have some meetups when we get back(?)

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