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New to St Margaret's, teenage children, getting tired of my own company

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Louisedevilleval Sun 24-Feb-13 22:21:47

Hi, we've recently moved to St Margaret's after 7 years in Gloucestershire (in north London before that). I'm so happy to be back in London, but have had a bit too much of my own company, and am wondering how to make friends now that my children are teenagers. Are there any mums with older children out there who'd like to meet for a coffee or go for a walk? I'm trying to find part-time work, but realise that that might take a while. I love Grounded in St Margaret's and the Richmond Hill Bakery. Still on the hunt for more good venues for coffee and cake. Can't get enough of them after living in the sticks! A bit about me: I'm 45, ex-shoe-designer, addicted to Grazia and Space NK, used to make and bake and sew things but haven't for ages, on some kind of (wobbly) spiritual path and would love a friend to discuss stuff with.

Pleaseputyourshoeson Thu 07-Mar-13 22:29:48

Hi there!
St Margaret's is lovely and a friend and I have also just discovered the pleasures of Grounded! Best coffee there! We also love Mrs Moon next door and the fab ladies who own it, so if you like stitching/knitting etc it's a great place to go for inspiration, classes etc. like you we also like baking and threw ourselves like loons into learning to bake bread - great fun! Rather envious of your shoe making career! I don't have teenage kids, mine are still in primary school. And I don't live in St Margaret's but head that way often. Hope you are enjoying your move to London.

Louisedevilleval Sun 10-Mar-13 06:56:27

Hi, thanks so much for your sweet message. It's really good to get a reply. I didn't know about Mrs Moon. Somehow missed it in my fervour to reach Grounded! I've just started knitting again after a too-long break, so will pop down to check it out.

Jetsam Tue 09-Apr-13 13:23:20

Hi there! In just a little while I'll be in that part of the world and looking for new friends too!
We have ds19 and dd16 - I'm English but been living in Australia for... nearly 30 years!.. had a chance of a big move back to this side and have been in Lausanne Switzerland for a year but planning to be in Richmond/Kingston area for September when my son goes to Kingston uni and daughter to Richmond college. I have family in Herts and Essex but not close by so will be in the same predicament - as will the family, how have your kids been doing making friends? My daughter is excited to move but nervous, she has not made any really great friends here and is missing her gang in Sydney!

JonquilleTW Tue 09-Apr-13 21:37:29


I welcome to St Margarets, Mrs Moon is an addictive place, I do sewing but not knitting yet. So when I go there I feel myself like a child in a sweet shop.
My DD is still in primary school so have couple of free hours daily. I like jogging or walking along the river in that time just to suck the positive energy of nature smile

There is a meet up at Farmery this Thursday just btw Robert Dyas and Richmond Station. So why not to join us smile

JonquilleTW Thu 18-Apr-13 11:19:09

Hello Louise, Jetsam,

join us for a meet-up next week.

Jetsam Tue 23-Apr-13 08:08:01

thanks for the invite Jonquille - we won't be in the UK until September, I'll look forward to meeting you all after that /emo/te/1.gif

Jetsam Tue 23-Apr-13 08:08:41

woops I was trying to get a smiley face in there, didn't work!

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