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High school of Glasgow vs Glasgow academy?

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begemot Sun 10-Feb-13 05:27:25

Which one is better for an academically good child?
We are moving to Glasgow from US, the kid was just accepted in both..

PaisleyHerb Sun 10-Feb-13 16:06:22

They are both good academically but HSoG does better in league tables. Any other criteria? Eg one is handy for central Glasgow the other for Bearsden/ Milngavie. School campus/ facilities/ ethos/ child's interests and needs?

begemot Sun 10-Feb-13 21:49:21

Thanks! We plan to live near U of Glasgow (hence we only applied for those two schools, which are reasonably near). Still did not decide between townhouse more near U of G and a family home in Bearsden.
Our son is joining at Transitus year; he is currently at the top private school in our US city, and we are still not fully satisfied with academic level (math is way too easy, even though he is given separate assignments from the rest of the class, other subjects are also effortless). Say, he is far from genius, but definitely in the first percent of population intellectually, and got quick wits. We are mainly looking for the environment which would push him more, help to excel academically, and to get into a top UK/US university later.
We are professionals, not trust babies, hard work ethics and tough character eduction is important (but the absence of the military program in HSG, compared to GA, seems a plus, as I fail to see much of an added value there)
It looks to us as the general level of peers at HSG is above the one at GA, where students population is more variable, so the teaching level also should be above (math test he did for HSG was more serious..). I search for some confirmation or rebuttal of this impression.
Any insider info would be highly appreciated.
Otherwise he is very social, easy going, physically active (small size, not sport nuts, but should make school tennis team), musical (6 years of piano, planning to continue, and dancing in a contemporary dance ensemble), so hopefully should adjust to a variety of environments.
We also have a little one, joining at year 1, who will just follow the big brother. He seems similar to the older one, so my feeling is that the option best for the older will also be the best for the younger one.

PaisleyHerb Mon 11-Feb-13 09:23:40

Yes I think you have the correct inclinations, especially since Maths is so important. I have personal knowledge of TGA not HSoG, though. Reputedly the HS is very strong on the academically gifted and music as well. Which is not to say TGA isn't, every year they have children who exceed the amount of qualifications needed and head off to Oxbridge and such.

The "military program" at TGA is not compulsory, kids can join the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in 3rd year choosing either Navy, Army, or Air Force section and can give it up if they don't like it. A lot of schools do CCF. Most schools, including state, do the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which is character building. The private schools you have chosen also will provide plentiful opportunities for outdoor education, charitable interests and team building type trips.

I believe TGA has recently installed a dance studio but I may be wrong and am not sure what, if any, dance is taught. Their school shows/drama clubs always seem to revolve around musicals but that seems par for the course at any high school. I encourage you to look at separate classes at the Royal Conservatoire of Glasgow.

I wish you luck with deciding where to live and hope you all enjoy Glasgow very much.

evansgal Mon 31-Mar-14 10:40:21

Hi Begemot,
I'm wondering how your transition went from the US and what you ended up doing about schools. We are contemplating a move to Glasgow with our 12 year old - US born and US schools abroad educated -
Sadly Glasgow's reputation of being a gritty city has left me a bit concerned about ds - private schools and international schools don't often leave the kids with a lot of real world trouble-avoidance skills.
How's it been for you?

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