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What is Hale like?

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musbury Fri 08-Feb-13 11:12:09

We are moving to Hale in Summer and will be renting for the first year, we have two young children DS 4 and DD 2. I love where we live now, its very multicultural, I have good friends, I meet them often for coffee, lunch, toddler groups, parks, play dates etc. I'm just too scared to make the move to Hale, its too posh to start with and I don't really know, I'm but certainly not posh! I'm worried that I might end up with no friends and no social life. I'm Indian-Asian, is Hale multicultural? are Hale residents welcoming to people from other ethnic backgrounds. DH & Me integrate quite well, we love entertaining, walking and hikes, parks, good restaurants etc. I'm the typical stereotype who shows some interest in books, career, cooking, baking, loves shopping, boutique shops, patisseries & cafe mornings and lunch with friends, not great parking skills, a little feminist...confused. It was easy to make friends before, I was on maternity leave and most of my good friends are those who I met at toddler groups and baby rhyming classes! But now I'm a busy mother, I work 3 full days (self-employed, so no office banter either!) and both my kids will be at school and nursery. Although I will be taking DD to toddler groups on the days I do not work. What should I do in Hale to start my own social circle?blush

Itsfabupnorth Wed 13-Feb-13 10:36:48

HI, I am one of the local editors for mumsnet local manchester & trafford. We are currently filling up the new website, I have come accross some good pre-school classes that might be a good way of meeting people and you could also look at the things to do section. Both Hale, Altrincham & Sale have really active parent communities and there is plenty going on. As I come across more I will post again.

IWantToLiveOnOldfieldRoad Mon 15-Apr-13 22:26:37

Musbury I'm also moving to the area soon, albeit the slightly less desirable but still lovely Altrincham, and also wondering how to meet people as youngest will be 9 months so a little old for most baby groups and eldest will be nearly 3 and hopefully in preschool when I'm at work part time.

Is there a local meet up?

Itsfabupnorth Tue 16-Apr-13 14:17:17

Hi saw your post, (I am one of the editors for the new local site) we are looking to organise some meet ups or meet someone who is already meeting up in Altrincham and then add it to our meet ups board. There are plenty of toddler groups in the area, so you could look here
I will keep looking and post if I find one before you... If you do find one then maybe you would like to put it in the meet ups so others can see. you can contact me at
Good luck with the move, all reports are really positive about Altrincham, dead friendly and lovely coffee!!

HaleMumto3 Thu 02-May-13 12:24:55

You'll probably find that you'll make friends with parents from school and toddler classes - all of the schools in Hale have very active PTAs / class reps organising nights out etc. Your 4yr old will no doubt be starting school and there will be lots of other mums in the same boat. Hale village is pretty small but very family friendly - Costa Coffee is usually rammed with mums and toddlers! There are lots of local toddler groups / playgroups, you'll be spoilt for choice.

The library has lots of sessions going on, and the local Surestart centres have lots going on too (the library has all the info there) - baby massage etc.

There are lots of local book groups too and neighbourhood things like street parties (our road has one every year so we have an active social scene just through our neighbours). Everyone is very social!!

Its not too posh, honestly smile

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