Meet other local mums at a free baby massage class.

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Anniegreengables Wed 06-Mar-19 06:59:16

Hi there
I am running a baby massage class in the black hall area.
On the 30th of march I am running a free class. Class sizes are small and informal.
Massage helps sleep, colic and digestive issues. Helps you read babies cues and feel more confident in handling your child.
Come along and find out more

Anniegreengables Wed 06-Mar-19 06:54:15

Hi I am running a massage class for babies in the Black hall area. Classes are small. An introductory class is on 30th of march and is free.
A five week block is recommended and we will work on an area of babies body each week. Classes are informal. Massage helps you feel more confident in handling your baby and reading their cues. It helps sleep, colic, digestive issues and lots more.
Please contact me for more infirmation

edgoodje Wed 03-Jul-13 21:02:36

Is this class still running, if so where and when? Or does anyone know another free baby massage class or recommend one - not too expensive !

Natashaxx Mon 18-Feb-13 22:27:55

Hey, are you still running this class, can i get more information?

krusovice Thu 07-Feb-13 22:44:04

Hi, can you give me more information about location, times etc?

MacPhoenix Wed 30-Jan-13 11:44:49

I'm running a free baby massage class, starting tomorrow morning in central Edinburgh.

Baby massage promotes bonding, aids sleep, soothes digestive problems (including colic), optimises musculoskeletal development, enhances motor skills and accelerates brain development.

Relaxed friendly class. No stress about timekeeping, as the massage routine is learnt a little at a time and repeated from the beginning each week.

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