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Commuting from Harpenden - traffic/parking??

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RosieD32 Tue 22-Jan-13 10:43:02


We are currently living in north London and are considering the well-trodden path of a move to the Harpenden area, now that we have a baby! We are looking for somewhere with a nice villagey feel, with good train links in to central London (preferably Thameslink line) so Harpenden and the surrounding villages seems to tick lots of boxes.

If we were to go for somewhere like Redbourn, or Wheathampstead, for example... I'm intrigued to know what the traffic is like at rush hour, coming in to/out of Harpenden. Also, are there enough parking spaces at the station?

Many thanks in advance!


roundwood Sat 26-Jan-13 23:49:25

Dunno about journey from Redbourn or Wheathampstead but traffic round the station is mad, especially on the ticket office side where there are scores of taxis all jockeying for space with the people trying to get into the car park or dropping someone off. If you are a nippy London driver used to arguing in confined spaces you'll be fine... if not, I'd buy somewhere within walking distance or park in a nearby car park and walk 5 mins to the station.

cometothedarksideihvcake Sat 02-Feb-13 22:28:19

I live in Redbourn and commute from Harpenden to London for work. We catch the 7.04 a.m. train and only takes 8-10 min drive to Harpenden station. There's plenty os parking in the station.

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