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Chat thread for Dundee MNetters - come and say hello

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TeaAndTunnocks Sun 13-Jan-13 14:34:41

Hello, I thought it would be good to have a place where we could introduce ourselves, and find out where we are all based (in a very general way, please don't post addresses or phone numbers on the board).

I am based in the West End, and am mum of two kids, my daughter is 10yo and my son is 8yo. I am a freelance writer and blogger. I am the Local Editor of Mumsnet Dundee, so if you have any questions about Mumsnet, feel free to PM me (private message).

For those who are completely new to MN, I wanted to add some basic advice on Mumsnet and how to find your way around.

To begin with, [[ ]]here is the acronym list and the Frequently Asked Questions - do have a read through them to find your feet.

Mumsnet is a site for parents, and we do allow people to speak their minds, so if you ask a question you will get an honest answer - sometimes it might be too honest for you, especially if you post in Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU). Personal attacks are however not allowed, so if someone is mean to you, report it to MNHQ. (this is aimed at usage of the main site, not so much in Local, where I hope things will be more local based fun than bun fights!).

If you are new to Mumsnet, do have a look around but lurk on AIBU and chat till you find your feet and know what we are about.

Finally, I will say that although this may sound as if we are a scary bunch, we are also incredibly supportive. To get an idea of what we can achieve when we get together, check out the Woolly Hugs website, where MNetters show the blankets they have made for MNetters who have lost a child or a husband.

NotatallSnootie Wed 16-Jan-13 12:56:41

Hi, I'm in Carnoustie, with 3 DDs, and a DH who works away most of the week. It is blooming freezing here today, and I am thinking about putting the heating on. Need to toughen up I think. blush

Pehsandbridies Thu 17-Jan-13 20:07:04

I am in Maryfield, have a DH & DD, work PT and like cake!

TeaAndTunnocks Fri 18-Jan-13 11:27:20

It's really cold now, isn't it? Am hoping the snow stays off till we've picked DH up from the airport tonight.

We were thinking of another meet up, if anyone is interested.

Pehsandbridies Sun 20-Jan-13 18:48:40

I would love another meet up, count me in.

TeaAndTunnocks Mon 21-Jan-13 13:10:36


Have just realised that DH has booked to come over that weekend, so at least I don't have to worry about getting a babysitter.

Pehsandbridies Mon 21-Jan-13 13:33:43

Is there actually a date set? I can't find anything in the meet up section?

TeaAndTunnocks Mon 21-Jan-13 16:06:32

Will put it up now - we don't have confirmation of the place yet, but will add that later.

TeaAndTunnocks Mon 21-Jan-13 16:44:18

Ok, not working at the moment.

We have agreed on the evening of 1st February. The venue still to be decided

Pehsandbridies Wed 23-Jan-13 20:38:01

Just realised that DH is working late shift so I won't make it sad Have a great time.

TeaAndTunnocks Thu 24-Jan-13 12:32:24

oh, no. That is a shame.

Snow report from the West End. Still a bit here, but it snows then thaws then snows again. I have to say that the guys from the council have been great. They were in our wee cul de sac today, gritting the roads. I went over and thanked them and they were so chuffed cause they thought I was coming over to complain. Poor sods.

TeaAndTunnocks Thu 24-Jan-13 20:26:42

Right. We have confirmation of the meet up.

We thought we'd meet for wine and nibbles at Lovely Things.

Here is the deal. Lynne provided drinks and snacks, we get to sit and chat, and browse. There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything but if you can resist, you are a better woman than me

Feb 1st February from 6pm to 8pm

NotatallSnootie Fri 25-Jan-13 13:38:07

OOh, the DDs are swimming then. I could drop them off and pop in for a while... I've been meaning to visit that shop since DB and DH started buying me presents from there!

TeaAndTunnocks Fri 25-Jan-13 22:05:26

That would be great. It is just across the road.

We are officially snowed in. I cannot get the car out, and am not willing to try - I did bribe the gritter guy with Lindor chocs today though.

I am buying winter tyres for next winter.

TeaAndTunnocks Mon 28-Jan-13 13:18:46

Facebook competition for you to win coffee and cake at your favourite cafe.

Please share with your friends.

TeaAndTunnocks Wed 06-Feb-13 12:52:53

Just resurrecting the chat thread. Are you all stocked up for the weekend?

I somehow managed to not notice that it was a long weekend - was totally taken aback on Monday when DS mentioned that they wouldn't be at school Thurs to Mon.

SparklesInTheFerry Wed 06-Feb-13 20:10:20

You were taken aback on Monday.....I had it in the back of my head hat they were off, but had a rant about dd going out tonight as it's a school night....words eaten!

TeaAndTunnocks Thu 07-Feb-13 10:07:20

Whoops, Sparkles.

Is it In Service Day all over Dundee then? What are you guys up to?

I have a German window fitter here to measure my windows. Good to speak some German again.

SparklesInTheFerry Thu 07-Feb-13 15:24:26

I could tell you but I'd have to kill you! Nah just the super exciting stuff of food shopping, but it's dh's birthday tomorrow so the baking's about to start!

SparklesInTheFerry Thu 07-Feb-13 15:25:55

I also need to make a curtain for the upstairs hall and a new coat for the dog out of an old coat of ds's. Which is why I'm faffing about on the Internet grin

TeaAndTunnocks Thu 07-Feb-13 19:12:34

you sound like a handy woman to have around. Baking cakes and sewing dog coats. I had visions of the dog looking a bit like [[ this]]

BalgayHill Fri 08-Feb-13 12:11:13

Hi there. I live in Dundee and have a 10 year old son. I've never posted on the local board before. It's great to see that it's up and running.

Thanks TandT.

Looks like I've missed a meet up though.

I'm enjoying a long weekend but have to get off my backside and do some cleaning as we've got visitors coming. If I can tear myself away from MN that is.

TeaAndTunnocks Fri 08-Feb-13 15:39:20

Hi BalgayHill. You are not far from me. I will be watching for the MN scarf at school pick up times. smile

How about we try for another meet up? Is daytime or evening better for everyone?

I have a wee competition starting on Facebook today if anyone is interested, go have a look.

BalgayHill Fri 08-Feb-13 15:53:41

Oh, I'm not near Balgay Hill anymore but was brought there or thereabouts and spent a lot of my youth running up and down it during cross country and drinking sly bottles of Merrydown with my friends. grin

I am in Dundee though.

Evening is better for me as I work but could finish early and come and meet everyone lateish afternoon?
I'll just try and fit in with what's decided. Am really glad you replied, I thought I'd killed another thread.

BalgayHill Fri 08-Feb-13 15:53:59

brought up

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