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Mad question I can't believe I'm asking about registering for private schools AT BIRTH??!

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Everhart Tue 08-Jan-13 08:31:29

Partly a mad question because we don't have a clue yet if we'd even be able to afford private fees down the line, and even if we could would we even want to?!

However I have been very freaked out recently by friends who DO educate their children privately, in other areas of London, asking if we're all ready to register with any private schools we are interested in during the first few WEEKS after our baby is born (due in March...)

I was shocked and horrified - even if we were sure we wanted to educate our as-yet-unborn child privately, can it REALLY be that you have to register your interest in various schools as early as that?! Obviously it's not an actual application, but it does seem to involve filling in a registration form...

Or is this something that only happens in certain super-swanky areas of London? The friends who've been asking about this live in Hampstead, Fulham and Kensington (I need less well-off friends...) so maybe this is a posh postcode thing?

I think this sounds bonkers but I'm a paranoid pregnant woman and don't want to be missing anything off my list that I might need to be doing... even though as I say this may well not be something we want to do three or four years down the line...

Any advice or help would be hugely appreciated!!!

CentreCourtWimbledon Tue 08-Jan-13 14:14:48

I'm not aware of any schools in Wimbledon where you have to register early. Virtually every private school is selective at primary school age, so it's just a case of finding out when registrations open (usually a year before they are due to start) and putting your name down.
A few aren't selective and go by ballot or just randomly. It's different for boys and girls, so you need to find out what sex you are having. But honestly it's far too early to worry. If I were you I'd be more concerned about nursery places, if you want to use one.

Everhart Wed 09-Jan-13 11:10:25

Thanks so much CentreCourt!!
Yes, I have just begun to learn that nursery places are the really tough thing. I will probably not be looking for a nursery place until 18 months and then most likely part-time (eg just mornings) so I am hoping this may give me a helping hand but do you think even that would be tough? I will have to start investigating sooner rather than later I think...

CentreCourtWimbledon Wed 09-Jan-13 13:05:24

I would start to think about nurseries fairly soon. Most of the nurseries that I know about are more likely to want to offer full days, but would be happy to offer, say, 2 full days per week. If you want a term-time nursery only, then those would probably do morning sessions at that age, however that would usually be 9am-12pm term time only, which isn't much good if you are working.
Bear in mind that you will be doing a lot of walking to and from your nursery, so try and pick one that is handy to where you live or handy to where you travel for work.
My kids are school age now, so I don't have a lot of up to date info on nurseries, but feel free to PM me if you like.

Everhart Wed 09-Jan-13 16:20:19

Thanks so much, really appreciate that... am going to spend half an hour researching nurseries now... smile

OffallyGOod Thu 10-Jan-13 22:34:42

Neither of our DcS private schools are selective and required registering at year before entry. The kings feeders are often running waiting lists and a couple of years ago we were told we had left it to late to register a 2 1/2 year old for reception.
For girls Whs is selective so you apply year before entry, THe study is by ballot the year before.

Willington and Ursuline are year before applications .
I would advise registering early for KIngs feeders but everything else is around age 3. More and more last minute places are coming up in privates in Wimbledon presumably because of multiple applications and economic climate

wimbledonshopper Tue 22-Jan-13 20:36:06

We wanted to get our son in to Rowans school (one of the King's feeders). We put his name down at four weeks of age but didn't get a place. Fortunately someone dropped out so we have eventually got one. They recommend registering at birth. We were relaxed as our son was an October baby but they put children on their waiting list based on date of registration relative to birth, not actual date..

Primafacie Tue 02-Apr-13 22:13:51

Wimbledonshopper, we put our son's name at the Rowans at 12 days and didn't get a place! He was still in hospital (premature baby) and I remember badgering DH to post the Rowans' paperwork before one of his visits. He thought I'd gone mad.

The very nice admissions secretary told me they went to 5 days post birth this year! Utterly bonkers... But you've given me hope that there may be drop outs and we may eventually get in.

How do you like the school?

stillstanding Fri 26-Apr-13 18:58:58

Everhart, if you are thinking about private schooling (and frankly even if not) I would seriously considering registering for private schools asap. Rowans does need to be applied for from the hospital (bonkers, I know). The others aren't quite as crazy but it would be worth putting your name down quite early in any case as they are mostly over-subscribed these days.

Apart from Wimbledon High (girls), none of the Wimbledon pre-prep schools are selective. Study (girls) and (I think) Rokeby (boys) are ballot so that helps too.

The reason why I suggest that you should register for private schools even if you think you will end up going state is because it is VERY difficult to get into the state schools here. In my neck of the woods you need to be a sibling, church-goer or live on the doorstop and then only maybe do you get a place.

Quite a few of my friends who had no intention of going private have now had to because the only school places they were offered was at a failing school in Mitcham. It had never entered their heads to register for private schools because they lived a block or two away from a good state school but they didn't get in and are now stuck ...

A lot of people i know therefore register at some private schools as insurance in case they dont get in. And then just pray that the state school place comes up or they can somehow find the bucks ... not so great, I know. But you are a long way off from this so I would just register at a few good ones as a back up plan and then put it out of mind for the next five years!

Good luck!!

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