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Moving to Eastbourne

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Outofkent Sat 29-Dec-12 15:53:57

We are thinking of moving to Eastbourne from Kent. Looking for any information on schools, areas to avoid, areas that are good. What it's like to live there. Etc' I have two DSs, 2 and 4 and am a Sahm mum, so wondering about primary and secondary schools (would be hoping not to move again), is there much on for kids, is it a friendly place? Easy to meet other mums?

Especially since ds1 would be moving part way through the school year. Would I struggle to talk to mums at the school gate?

Anything else you think we need to know really. Budget is around 300k though less would be better.

4kidsandrising Fri 25-Jan-13 10:07:25

There's loads for kids and there's loads for mums of little ones, but as with anywhere I guess, it gets a bit trickier the older they get, although I think E/b is a great place to raise kids.
For 300k, depending on how many beds you want, you can get a really nice place in a decent area. Look at Old Town and Meads. Schools wise we are really oversubscribed, but there's a new free school opening next September at the back of Gildredge Park, so you'd want to look at that.
To give you an idea, we have a 3 bed maisonette with shared garden and field attached, 10 mins walk from town, 3 mins walk from town hall, police station and trendy boutique shops (Little Chelsea). (We're hoping to sell it for 200 in the spring.)
My kids go to Saffrons Park Nursery, Ocklynge and Ratton at the moment, so obviously they're my favourites! BUT primary school wise, I'd look at Pashley, Motcombe, maybe St John's if you're deeply Christian, and if you're Catholic, there's St Thomas a Becket, but I'm not a fan of these two really - not just because of the religion, but they're quite pompous, an inability to deal with bullying and have a superiority complex! But I'm sure there'll be other people to come along with completely different views.
There are tons of parks, a couple of swimming pools, 2 cinemas, 2 theatres, 2 soft play places, Drusilla's is great for littlies - we have a membership this year, so we're going a LOT!!! And that's just straight off the top of my head! Hope that helps, do pm if you have any more questions you think I could answer.

SmileBecauseItHappened Sun 19-May-13 13:43:22

Hi 4kidsandrising,

Useful info in your reply. I'm considering moving to EB and I've been looking at properties around Motcombe as thats where I'd like to send my LO. Do you know how I find out the catchment area for Motcombe? Where I live catchment areas are very tight so wondered if this problem exists in EB?

I have some time as my LO is only 2, so also looking at nurseries - I'll check out Saffrons. Can you recommend any others?


biglittledreams Mon 20-May-13 14:53:14

Hi 4kidsandrising,

what about Sovereign Harbour - is that an area you'd recommend moving to?


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