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Lost Toy - "Baby Monkey" - HELP

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Janemacclesfield Fri 28-Dec-12 09:04:33

My 5 year old dd has lost her favourite "baby monkey" in June/July time and since then we have been asking people at all relevant places i.e. shops, hairdressers etc and was wondering if anyone could help us replace it.

It was bought in Sainsburys about 7 years ago (for her older brother) and is about 9" high, brown soft velour material with a cream face, feet and hands. It has a bean bag bottom and feet (picture available of "mummy monkey" - but new to this and don't know if you can put pictures on!)

To make matters worse we still have "mummy monkey" so she is constantly reminded of her precious little one. She even said on Christmas day that she hoped "baby monkey" was having a good christmas, wherever he is....breaks your heart.

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