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Best route - Cheadle Hulme to Holmes Chapel

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Ebelee Sat 22-Dec-12 12:37:38

Hi, am new to this board and you seem a friendly helpful bunch so could I please ask for your help. I start a new job in the new year in Holmes Chapel and having not lived long in South Manchester am not very familiar with all the traffic routes. Am a bit of a wus about driving in bad weather and in the dark so want to use the most wussy friendly route to get to and from work.

The route I used when going for the interview was A34, then B5359 Ryleys Lane, onto A535, then A54 and onto the A50 London Road. This didn't seem to have any snarl ups which was good but I went during the day in good weather and have begun to wonder what it will be like driving in the dark and in bad weather.

I've looked up an alternative route which is A34, then A537 and onto the A50.

If anyone is familiar with these routes and would recommend one over the other for any particular reason I would appreciate it.


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