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What are people getting up to over Christmas?

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BristolLEd Wed 19-Dec-12 15:43:00

Last year we had a 2.5 week old baby so it was manic! This year am planning to chill out a bit and stay in Bristol(for once) rather than traipsing around the country visiting family!

Having my folks over in the morn for brekkie and then to the outlaws for lunch.
With dp and I both having very large families we never actually have time to watch any trashy TV(and BC I always worked over xmas) So I'm finally putting my foot down! TV, Stuffing face with food. Playing with beautiful daughter and having a drink is all this year is going to be about(am also about to finish bf so especially looking forward to the drink part grin )

What is everyone else up to?

jerrymerry Wed 19-Dec-12 16:59:51

here here to the trashy tv and drink! grin

I was also bfing last year and couldn't eat any sprouts or cabbage as it gave DS3 terrible wind!

We have decided to have both family to us(lord help us!) So it is going to be a busy busy day and the the first time I've cooked for DH's parents so am a little nervous! I'm just hoping I don't burn anything!

DH has made a promise to be on bedtime duty as I'm cooking so I will be putting my feet up and watching Eastenders in the eve! With a very large drink of course!

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