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Feedback requested - Haslingden Community Link

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MrsDobberington Wed 19-Dec-12 13:15:23


I'm a parent representative on the advisory board for the Childrens Centre at the Haslingden Community Link. I'm interested to hear from relevant mumsnet members with regard to feedback on the centre and its service.

My son attends the pre school on a part time basis (previously full time until I had my daughter) and we have attended groups such as baby massage and baby sensory in the past.

Specifically of interest is your personal experience. This might include service(s) accessed, what the centre does well, which services provide value for the community, services you would find useful if we could offer it etc. Any information which will be of value in assisting the Centre in ensuring it best directs its efforts to benefit the local community. Have you attended the Centre for any reason? Has it helped you to improve your situation, perhaps through adult learning, or provision of breastfeeding support for example? Maybe the free creche enables you busy mums to complete an important task unhindered. Have you experienced disapointment for any reason or found the services of the centre unhelpful?

If you do not wish to reply via this thread my personal email is

Thanks for your feedback!

doncasterhopeful Fri 02-Jan-15 01:46:37

I recently moved back to Haslingden and found the centre most helpful. My dcs are older (9,14 & 16) but i found the centre useful for lots of other reasons. It has good written info on what's on locally. The cafe is good and welcoming and fairly priced. I could sit there for a while without feeling the need to buy more coffee. And it opens early so I could go after dropping dd at school. I also gave blood there. I used to go to school at St Mary's and it is lovely to see my old school being put to such excellent beneficial use . And optimising on the flexible layout.

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