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Willies, wee-wee, bum, granny's knickers...

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toffeecrunch Sun 16-Dec-12 22:43:49

Have you seen a local Panto yet? See our reviews of Peter Pan at The Beck Theatre. Panto humour still going down a treat in our house.
Share your reviews.

PS. We're also looking for local mums to be local ambassadors for Mumsnet - who want to bag free tickets review local shows on the site and get free coffee and cake organise local meet-ups. Get in touch if you're interested: DM me or email:

ummziyad Tue 01-Jan-13 20:31:19

me and my 4 year old went to this too. Younger 2 were supposed to come too but they fell asleep just before it started, so left them with dh - think that worked out well as I doubt they would have sat through it, was quite long as mentioned in the reviews but the 4 year old loved it, so will definitely think of going to another one next year.
was our 1st time in the beck theatre but they do seem to have loads of things coming there, will be taking all of them to see ben and holly live in a few weeks so hope they enjoy that too

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