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Hassle-free Christmas cards featuring baby (try it for free)

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ADV: Freddie at Touchnote Wed 05-Dec-12 14:58:34

It's that time of year.

If you're like me and leave Christmas card sending to the last minute, then don't bother sending any, you should give Touchnote a try. It'll help you avoid the guilt.

We make it as easy as possible to send all your Christmas cards. The cards look fantastic (each is printed on thick, textured card), and are especially effective featuring pictures of babies and children. Card creation is super easy: create your card front, write a template message, choose the recipients, then we create a card for each recipient, print it, put it in a premium envelope and post it first class.

If you buy lots, each card costs from as little as 99p. If you're just buying one or two, they're £1.49 each. Don't forget, this includes the price of a first class stamp, which is now 60p.

Try using Touchnote for free by entering the code MUMSNET at

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