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GloucestershireGirl Tue 04-Dec-12 21:10:50

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know i have listed some baby/toddler items (including travel cot, roller skates and wooden trike) for sale on the Local classified section. It appears they are the only ones at the moment, so thought i would give it a bit of a bump here too.

I also have a number of good quality clothes (age 2-3 in the main include Bentton & GAP), 18-24 month old purple snow suit with feet, Ben & Holly Jigsaws, fluffy White Company slipper boots (kids size 7)

I can provide more details if needed but i didn't want to spend all evening listing things, just for it to be dead as a doormouse in here!

Also happy if anyone wants to pop round and browse the items smile

amazonnancy Mon 04-Feb-13 06:47:55

Hi GG, where have you listed the items please? I can't see the local for sale board...

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