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Advice on James Aiton Primary please :)

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NewToCambuslangMum Mon 03-Dec-12 09:58:55

I was originally told our catchment school is Cairns Primary or Hallside but the council have advised it is no longer Cairns but the new James Aiton Primary School which is currently a building site...

Someone else was saying I could request a place at West Coats Primary.

Well my head is spinning. I am getting really mixed views on schools round here. Everyone seems to want to send their kids to Hallside but there are basically no places left so I just need advice on whether James Aiton is a good school or should I avoid it.

The HMEI reports aren't really that helpful since it is how friendly the school is and helpful the teachers are. I have to say at the moment the new Cairns school has been the most helpful but it's a bit harder for us to get to.

Any help would be fab thanks.

bexter04 Sat 05-Jan-13 00:19:33

James aiton is a great school, teachers I have met are really nice and friendly. There will be a new school opening in August 2013 halfway park which is to take on the overload of hallside primary.

NewToCambuslangMum Wed 16-Jan-13 16:41:47

Thanks so much for the reply. I had given up looking for advice on this one as well!

I have heard good things about the teachers since I posted the question. I was not impressed with the school buildings but then found out the wee run down school they are in just now is just while the new school is being built so hopefully DS will get to start in the new building which is also a lot closer for us.

Thanks again for replying to this one. I really appreciate it smile

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