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spiglet Tue 27-Nov-12 14:40:03

Right, now I have your attention....grin

I came for a little nose around on the local board as I was making the most of DS2 actually agreeing to have a nap and saw a few messages from people looking to meet other mums. There are a few of us around but we all tend to hang out on the main board on the Durham meet up thread

It isn't just for meet ups- we use it as a general chat thread as well so come on over and say hello. Most of us met through mumsnet and it is always nice to get new people. As well as filling up the thread with random chat, stories of parenting fails and the occasional moan we do daytime meet ups which usually involving taking over an unsuspecting cafe or pub and lots of cake. We also try to get out without the children every so often for a meal out at night.

The next cake based meet up is being arranged at the moment so come and introduce yourself smile

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