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My cleaner is looking for new families to work for...

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Sarfoftheriver Sun 25-Nov-12 20:17:56

She's good, she's quick, no issues with trust/honesty, she understands the detritus that comes with having small children and she has initiative. On the rare occasions our house is tidy she looks around for things to do; when we were away for two weeks and I was too disorganised to leave a list, we came back to find blinds had been cleaned, the oven(!) was sparkling inside, etc.

At least two of her families are moving out of London due to Olympics-related employment and she needs new work. She lives in Woolwich, near QEH, but will travel - obviously would prefer Greenwich/Blackheath area but willing to go further west. She has primary school-age kids so needs to fit work between school runs.

Let me know if you want her details (PM me?) and I'll put you in touch.

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