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Help!Alexandra Palace School or Fortismere?

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Xmaspyjamas85 Thu 22-Nov-12 23:11:32

I know this a much discussed topic but I would really appreciate some advice. Myself and my Y3 DS have moved from rural Yorkshire to London with my work (I work At Waterloo and London Bridge). We currently live in L Bridge but I want to move to Alexandra Palace or M Hill to be near friends and good secondaries. (I used to live in AP 8 years ago). My son is bright and really motivated by science, maths and music. My DS loves his teacher, school trips and multiple creative opportunities on offer at his new inner city school but is struggling with the lack of discipline in the class and unruly behaviour of the children.

DS is a tough, quirky little lad with a quick wit and would benefit from being somewhere friendly at secondary as he is painfully shy when it comes to making friends, but always seems to be much loved by all (biased a know!). He is a bit work shy when it comes to writing and seems to need a lot of quiet to concentrate in the classroom as he is really easily distracted. (He has minor dyslexia, which he insists on managing himself already, but is currently getting increasingly annoyed with all the interruptions in his new class).

I would really appreciate anyone's thoughts on which secondary school has the best learning environment. We have to move out of our LB property by July and we have had to move so often in our lives and am just desperate for us to settle somewhere now. Hence the attempt to plan for secondary school now. Also anyone's experiences of waiting lists for local primaries would be gratefully received. DS understandable does not want to move from his new school, having only started in September, but will put him on MH/AP waiting lists just in case. Know all school catchments are tiny and will have to rent. I'm skint but LB rents are equivalent to MH and AP slightly cheaper. Sorry this is probably the most boring, verbose plea for advice on Mumsnet to date...

Pavlovalove Mon 26-Nov-12 21:46:29

It's hard to generalise but my kids do love Fortismere & they would say everyone there loves their school. It's a huge school though & I would suggest disruption in class is often issue, especially ( but not only)I would guess in the lower sets. The kids are taught in ability sets for most subjects. With respect to the dyslexia it would be worth you visiting the schools & asking about the support on offer.
It's a great area to live with teenagers though. Good luck!

saraandjemima Mon 18-Mar-13 09:43:55

Hi there

We are currently in the process of trying to buy in MH/Alexandra Park area. My 2 children are currently primary school age but i have no desire to move again anytime soon, so we are trying to get into catchment for Fortismere or APS. Can anyone tell me - are the catchment areas currently shrinking for these 2 schools it will be 9 years before either or my children attend and i'm worried if they're shrinking we'll need to look V V close to the schools

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