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Wonder World Soft Play

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LCEEGlasgow Thu 22-Nov-12 19:53:02

Has anyone heard about this new soft play opening in Glasgow? One of my friends shared a link on Facebook and it looks pretty good. It'll be ideal for my DS cos he is 5 and gets a bit bored with some of the smaller soft plays but my DD is 2 and a place this size might seem daunting.
Has anyone taken their 2 year olds to some of the larger soft plays in Glasgow? How did they get on?

nikstar83 Sat 29-Dec-12 15:02:48

Hi went there yesterday. Free on street parking. Very large warehouse so massive play frame. £5.95 for two hours play which is strictly policed. If you go over your time you are charged full price again at the door as you are checked out. Cafe good for adults but pretty poor for kids. No juice jugs and no lunch boxes. Sandwiches or toasties. They need to sort out cafe be upfront about pricing and it is a great soft play.

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