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Melodie242 Wed 21-Nov-12 12:15:03

We're looking at moving to Fenstanton. After considering lots of villages North of Cambridge we like it here the most and feel we can get more for our money than Histon where we are now. I don't know anyone that lives there currently nor who has local knowledge so was hoping to hear from any mums that live there or know the area.

I would probably commute via the A14 to Girton 3 days per week and husband would go to St Ives for the P&R to Histon where he works.

I was just wondering about the local school? Baby groups? Nursery?
Any opinions really would be appreciated.

godolphinarms Thu 22-Nov-12 11:57:31

hi, been here for a while. The weekly Mums and Baby/Toddler group is quite active, the pre school is rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted and the primary school has a good reputation. The local private nursery is over subscribed as it is so popular so if you are moving to the village think about putting your name down before you move in so you get the place and times you would like. Its also in the catchment area for the school that is considered the best one around here. Its handy for Cambridge and there are alternative routes in if the A14 is a nightmare. The local shops are very good too.
Hope that helps a bit

besty27 Fri 30-Nov-12 16:48:33

Hello, lived in the area for 7 years and love it. My little one went to Ladybirds in Fenstanton but very popular nursery so you will have to get in early. I live in Fen Drayton up the road, where there is also a Guided Busway stop if your hubby likes walking/biking set in the Nature reserve. A14 is hell most days but there are a few backroads you can use and as a regular commuter to the Science Park it works for me. There is a super school in Willingham (which is on the back road commute from Fenstanton to Girton and Histon) for children aged 3 to 11 years called the Phoenix School Cambridge where my little one has been since 3 after leaving Ladybirds. Loves it there, very small class sizes so lots of love and attention which makes them progress so much quicker. Hope this helps. smile

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