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AdamPT Tue 20-Nov-12 16:18:13

Hi everyone, I am trying to add more exercise classes for mums and just wondered what your biggest barriers are to starting an exercise program. I currently run classes in Bedford park (tennis courts) every mon, wed, fri and sat at 9.30 am.

cupcakekid Tue 20-Nov-12 23:21:33

Hi AdamPT,

Thanks for adding your listing to our local. We also have Bedford & Milton Keynes local sites that you can also add your listings to aswell (if you want to travel to MK?!) As you are doing a class in Bedford park I would add them to the Bedford local site.

Ok, what stops me from starting an exercise program...... Firstly time (I know that's what everyone says!) but for me with 3 DS' time is really tight. Next I've started so many types of exercise 'things' (gym, aerobics, swimming, boxercise, bootcamp) and never really got anywhere with them as they don't seem to do anything or maybe I don't give them enough time? The problem with me is that I want to see some kind of improvement soonish or I just give up and say its not working. I guess I need someone who's going to help with my diet aswell as my name suggests - I like food too much!!

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