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12+ weeks for a booking appointment?

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Justanothercommuter Mon 19-Nov-12 14:07:18

Hi ladies and lads. I have been referred to St. Albans and a few weeks pregnant with my first. Is it common that they said I probably won't have my booking appointment til after week 12. Are things pretty over stretched there? I had an awful experience with fertility treatment at St. Albans hospital but now while expecting they passed me back to my GP and she said it will be sometime for both a booking app.

HibernatingWhenICan Tue 11-Dec-12 21:13:01

Hi, really sorry for your experience! Hope all is going well with your pregnancy and you've had your appointment, or will have it very soon. However if you've been having any problems, you can go to an early pregnancy unit and get it checked out. You can find the list of units here
surprisingly, neither Hemel nor Watford are listed, although both certainly do have early pg units. Perhaps they aren't listed because you need to be referred?

I've never had an experience with hospital/consultant-led care, but with my community midwife it's usually around 7-9 weeks. At 12 weeks you'd usually have your first scan.

Couldn't you go to your community midwife while you're waiting? My midwife always says I don't have to wait 2-3 months till my next "scheduled" appointment if I have any concerns.

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