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Wonderland/Millenium First Steps - Users Beware..

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CrossPantsQuoted Mon 19-Nov-12 10:05:06

Not sure this is the place to put this but... I have recently discovered that the above company are misquoting me (showing me as a delighted parent!!) on their website and wanted a chance to put the story straight!

DD spent over two happy years at Wonderland (Millenium's previous name) but following a change of ownership at the start of the year we removed her and also her young brother in June as didnt feel the owners have the childrens interests at heart. All the original staff, many of whom have also left, were lovely but the new management arrived like a ton of bricks and in my view were unpleasant both to staff and also to parents. There were a number of issues around minimal staffing, room management, misrepresented staff changes and a generally at best disinterested response to correspondance. It was so bad I spoke to Ofsted to express my concern.

When my children left I was so sad to leave behind many happy memories and wrote a letter expressing this and also our gratitude to the original staff for all their kindness over the years. I now see this has been cut and used on a prominant page of the company website!! To make the intent clear, the staff were / in cases still are wonderful and I wanted to thank them for everything they had done for my dd but this in no way reflects on my view of the nursery as it is today. I would never suggest someone send their child there.

Rant over... as you were..

whatagemhitchin Mon 19-Nov-12 15:39:45

Thanks for this, because I have just noticed they used our 'bye and thank you' note on their website too. Aren't they supposed to ask permission first?! And to add insult to injury they spelt my name wrong!!
Anyway we left Millenium for financial reasons, we were very happy with the day to day care and would like to put our son back there when we can afford it again. I agree the staff are wonderful but the change to Millenium from Wonderland was very poorly handled.

lilisen Tue 23-Jul-13 17:30:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilisen Mon 29-Jul-13 10:43:13

I feel your messages are so unfair and not a true reflection of the care my child has received for the past two years. Yes there were a lot of changes from the nursery being in Receivership to being taken over by a new company. Staff members have changed but it has been for the better and benefited the children. Children have a lot more activities on offer with good staff ratios, more qualified and committed staff. There are also French Classes, a whole lot of new equipment and a new sensory room for babies to name just a few. I am not aware of any parent at the nursery is now unhappy with the care their child receives.
I also run a business and know how disgruntled staff can damage your reputation but thankfully the new staff are kind, pleasant and very caring and as a result my child is very happy and I can confidently and happily leave my child in their care.

twittergirl Tue 20-Aug-13 22:02:03

Also wanted to say I don't think this is a fair comment anymore. Both my kids go there - the eldest has been there two years. The new manager and deputy are both fantastic and have worked really hard to turn the nursery around.

The free French classes are great and you can also do music and dancing classes at an additional cost. The food is really good quality and the staff are really caring. The Montessori pre-school is also really good.

purplesun Mon 09-Sep-13 14:36:16

I hope someone reads this. Can I have some more comments about the nursery please? I am relocating next month and I would like to hear some more thoughts about the new staff/management. It would really help!

Thanks in advance!

twittergirl Fri 10-Jan-14 12:22:31

Hi purplesun, just saw your message. Is it too late now or do you still want info?

RachelH84 Thu 13-Mar-14 12:31:25

I would like to set the record straight - I took over as manager in January 2013 and since then I have had nothing but positive comments from the parents. You just have to go to to see what our parents are saying.
There were a lot of issues that had occured before I started, but myself and the deputy manager have worked hard and this shows as all our children are happy and love coming to nursery.
I wouls ask any parent looking for a day nursery to visit us to see the bad reviews are outdated and no longer relevant.

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